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We Are Greater

Designer Concept:

This piece is inspired by how the members of the Michigan State University(MSU) Community make it a great place. Each person adds their own unique qualities and characteristics to the university’s atmosphere. This was designed for the MSU Branding Competition; students were asked to answer the question "What makes MSU great?" and create a garment that visual represented the answer to the question.

Design Description:

In my design I made “Block S” stamps and painted them in different skin tone colors to represent the members of the community. The top of my design is a photomosaic of “Block S” stamps in the shape of the spartan head emblem. I decided to use black fabric to symbolize the recent issues the university has had to deal with. The overall design of my piece symbolizes how we as a university, despite our differences, can overcome the negatives and continue to rise above.


MSU Focal Point Interview: 

MSU Today Article:

MSU College of Arts & Letters Article:


Process Photos

Finished Design

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